To The Unvaccinated: I Will Include You

Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ethics and integrity trainings, virtuous proclamations of “inclusion and diversity”, and hiring of Chief DE&I Officers with entire departments under them… and what are the results? Mass discrimination, vilification, and hatred – all sanctioned by our business leaders (who either allow it or remain silent), enabled by LegalContinue reading “To The Unvaccinated: I Will Include You”

I Am Freedom

I am Freedom, hear me ring From the beginning of time, I have knocked on your door Held back by kings, dictators, rulers, and more I am always around, waiting in the wing And for those who know me, even death has no sting I inspire hearts and spring innovation Bring laughter, joy, and wealthContinue reading “I Am Freedom”

To The Unvaccinated: I Respect You

They are not “anti-vaxxers”, they are not “misinformed”, and they are not “terrorists”… They are your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your family members, and most importantly, they are Americans – and they have basic human rights. These individuals are funny, talented, gifted, smart, and successful. They are loving, caring, kind, and generous. They areContinue reading “To The Unvaccinated: I Respect You”

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